Significant Stepping Stones

As a young child, my adventure started with viewing the world from the top of the apple trees in my garden. Very early on, I treasured the joy of my first camera; rarely did I put it down!

My journey took me into theatres with the thrill of being on and off stage – in front of and behind the lens of a camera. I pushed the limits of my endurance by putting up tents in a storm; being lost in a blizzard; venturing over the Pyrenees Mountains - where finding one’s way was essential and getting lost was a major problem - and ultimately I received the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award – the evidence is in my photos. I achieved a BA hons at uni and taught youngsters the importance of keeping fit and healthy through sport.

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I’ve had the joy of becoming an auntie and getting married – no shortage of photos there!

Each stepping-stone has brought me closer to my love of photography, which I ultimately studied.

And here I am... and I’m pleased to meet you.

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